Photo editing

Book cover design

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Designing of book covers and e-book Covers is my passion at the moment. I hope you like this design.

Photo editing

Photo editing of products. Removing the background and make it transparent or white, make the lights looks better, resize the image, adding shadows if needed. This could help for selling your products online, for online shops. Good images of your product should represent the product in his best way.

Photo editing

Landscape photo editing. Changing colours, contrast etc.

Photo retouching

Photo retouching. Face retouching.


Design for a poster. The Design contain the products and customer logo.

Photo Manipulation Desert

Photo manipulation created by me. This photo contain a lot of separate images. This is the end result of Photoshop techniques and creative ideas.

Repair old damaged photo

This kind of photo manipulation is very difficult. I have repaired an old damaged photo only using photoshop.

Photo manipulation Rose

The next photo manipulation created by me. I have used a lot of images and photoshop functions to create this photo.

Photo manipulation

Photo manipulation is combination of a lot of single images and effects in one. I create this photo manipulation not for a customer.