Welcome To My World!

Something about me :)

My name is Monika. I am a freelance web & graphic designer living in Sofia, Bulgaria (Europe).

The name WEBIRIAN comes from WEB and BulgaRIAN.

I have worked as Key Account Manger of the Web Unit in a Bulgarian- German Software Company. My responsibility there was the connection between clients and our web development team. I was also responsible for  the quality of the end product (QA).

I have also worked as VPA (Virtual Personal Assistant) in a German company. I have experience with thousands of researches in net in many categories, creating or editing documents in MS Office packet.  I am also the creator of many WordPress websites for the customers of this firm.

My passion is to explore endless possibilities in design and graphics. I love to keep things simple and easy to use. I believe in design that can solves many problems, conveys messages and color your life.


WordPress– I have create a lot of websites, based on the CMS platform WordPress. After installation & configuration is WordPress very easy for work with. If you need help I can create for you even tutorials for using the CMS, Step by Step.

HTML / CSS– I have experience with both. If you wish and need some HTML or CSS changes on the website, I can do this for you.

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign– I am working with the both programs by creating the design of Logos, banners, business cards, illustrations etc. Photoshop is also very good for photo editing & photo manipulations.

Researches– I have experience with thousands of researches in net in different categories: Online Marketing, Football, Programs, Tools, Market, Real Estate etc.

PHP & Javascript– I have some experience with PHP & Javascript. For the custom websites or elements for the website, we will need also some PHP & Javascript knowledge.


WordPress 95%
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign 97%
Researches 92%
PHP & Javascript 50%
English 93%
Deutsch 97%